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How did it start:  Elaine has been reading news from the American Booksellers Association and Publishers Weekly.  These two sources provided her with the knowledge of changes in not just books but how other stores are doing and changes that are occurring.   About 1-2 years ago she noticed a number of bookstores being bought and turned into coops and cities rallying to start coops.

Links to other consumer cooperatives (that's what we will be) that you maybe familiar with.

If you like MS Power Points this is the site for you - it breaks things down into PP presentations.

Here are a few of the bookstore cooperatives that we looked at when researching cooperatives.

Cooperative Information & Links

Want to learn more about cooperatives, their implementation and the logical behind?  Bellow are various links that Elaine used in researching and implementing the cooperative.

October 17, 2018 - Update on Status:  We are moving ahead with the cooperative and are currently in need of:

A president who can lead us and delegate the various tasks.   The individual will need leadership skills and delegation skills.  Time time commitment is 2-3 hours a month.

Vice President - this person will fill in for the president if the president is unable to attend a meeting.

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