3599 Atlanta Road SE

Smyrna, Georgia 30080

Press Release : July 6, 2018


Smyrna, Georgia, July 2018 - The Book Stop, and indie bookstore, is transforming into a community-owned and cooperatively-run company.

Founded in 2008 by Ginny Dorwood, Elaine Koziatek has been at the helm since 2014.  She has succeed for a number of years without benefiting from the economies of scale that larger stores enjoyed, precisely because of the loyal following and the fact that for many customers, The Book Stop was much more than just a store.  This made it unsettling in May when Elaine announced she was selling the store and moving on.  Lucky, that is not how the story is ending.

Instead of selling the store, Elaine, the customers, community leaders and book lovers re transforming The Book Stop into a community-owned and c company.  It is an exciting new chapter for The Book Stop and the community.

If you are interested in volunteering and/or investing check it out on their web or Facebook page.

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